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2021 Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for Entrepreneurs!

We can’t believe we are only 10 DAYS away from Christmas! Time sure does fly. We hope that you have been following along with us here at Shop a Small Business and Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs the past 7 weeks during our Holiday Gift Guide Series! If did miss our other guides you need to check them out now! We gave great ideas for Gifts for Women, Gift Ideas for Him, Ideas for Kids, awesome Clothing & Accessories Ideas, Ideas for the Home, and an extensive Beauty and Wellness Gift List!

Do you want to know the best part of Shop a Small Business’ Holiday lists?? Everyone listed is a SMALL BUSINESS! If that wasn’t obvious from our name! You can find peace in knowing that if you choose anyone from these lists you are supporting a family run business. That just makes it all even better!

This week is our last Holiday Gift Guide and since we are powered by Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs we thought what better list to make than one for Entrepreneurs?! So, we did just that! We created an out-of-the-box idea guide that is full of ideas that entrepreneurs need AND want!

Let’s get to it and start our list!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for Entrepreneurs!

Number one on our list is…..

1 Photography! Give the gift of new headshots or product photos!! Great photography is very important for anyone’s business, so the entrepreneur on your list will love this idea. Though you may be reading this from anywhere in the world we have some suggestions for photography studios in the Houston Area and near Morgantown, West Virginia you must check out.

In the Houston Area our recommendations are:

1. Andrea Seider Photography. Andrea’s main goal is to “bring out and accentuate the true beauty that is found in you and your life. Everyone has a spark - something that lights them up. Everyone has a light that wants to shine and Andrea says "it’s my job to be there to capture it”. Her works truly brings out the personality in each person she photographs.

2. Lenora Stein Photography. Through her photography Lenora helps professionals create awareness for their services & products, grow their online audience, and, most importantly, increase revenue. She uses professional photography crafted with the business' branding & personality in mind to get the most out of each session with clients.

3. Maria Snider Photography. Maria is known for her breathtaking senior photos, but she also has an extensive portfolio of branding and professional headshots as well. Maria plans a custom session to meet your needs and makes sure your headshots represent who you are and what you do. She has different packages that you can choose from depending on your friend or family member’s needs.

4. Spry Art Photography. Tracy from Spry specializes in personal branding photography. She combines photojournalism, lifestyle and headshots to bring out your personality and your business’ story. Her vibrant, beautiful photography style will bring the perfect touch to your business. Her photos truly speak for themself.

5. The Brand Creative Photography and Design. Suzanne of The Brand Creative is on a mission to help business owners create a professional and profitable brand and online presence. She can get your entrepreneurial friend up and running in no time! Suzanne not only can provide beautiful headshots she can also help with brand identity and story branding! Consider her a one stop shop for your friend to get her business up and running.

If you live in Morgantown, WV you must go see Iconic Lens Photography! Owner Kisha specializes in food, brand and lifestyle photography. Her main focus is to help small business owners promote their business via her lens. Her goal is to bring the vision of the business owner and their product to life!

With all those photography options I know it will be hard to choose the right one. But, each has their unique and amazing style and one will be perfect for what your friend or family member is looking for in their branding style.

Up next on the list!

2. Coaching! If you want to show your support to the entrepreneur on your list give them the gift of a Business or Life Coaching! According to ICF Global Coaching Client Study "99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach are “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process". Business & Life Coaches are so important when it comes to creating success within a business or company, so this would be an awesome gift for any entrepreneur to get! And of course we have some suggestions for business and life coaches!

1. Coach Geo! Coach Geo helps Creatives masterpiece their businesses with her ICF Coaching, IT Services, and long time entrepreneurial experience.

2. Coaching and Consulting Experience, LLC! Dr. XC Qadir offers professional coaching and consulting services to individuals or corporations that desire growth and sustainable results.

3. Dawn Miller Training & Coaching! Dawn Miller is trainer, speaker, and coach. Using the Maxwell Method Dawn help develop an individual’s skills for professional advancement, improves leadership, speaking, coaching and selling skills, and can help anyone achieve their personal and professional goals.

4. DLP Coaching -Developing Leadership Potential! Elizabeth strongly believes that all individuals have potential to achieve their aspirations. With her help and proactive and thoughtful development planning, and a supportive network, that potential can be realized.

5. Marsha Lynn Hudson Media & Brand Strategist! Marsha helps entrepreneurs develop an action plan and a strategy to create a brand and grow their business online without all of the overwhelm.

6. Metamorphosis Holistic Consulting! As a Life Scientist, Pamela’s work is dedicated to guiding dynamic, motivated women to live out their soul’s calling.

7. Radiant Purpose Inc! RPI provides business coaching & personal development coaching by certified & experience consultants. Their team help you achieve results in business, finance, relationships, marriage and family.

8. Social Tech Team. Social Tech Team takes the frustration out of social media and technology. They teach the "HOW-TO" of the digital world so that entrepreneurs can run their businesses more smoothly!

9. Though the The Project Architect isn't necessarily a Business Coach, Amber Slaughter can definitely help your entrepreneurial friend or family member to the next level with their business. She helps small, medium and large creative agencies who are looking to boost their profits, streamline delivery and improve their client experience.

We are more than confident one of these coaches will be able to help your friend or family member reach their business or personal goals!

3. CP Designs Unlimited is next on our list! CP Designs Unlimited is comfortable apparel and memorable gifts with motivational and inspirational messages and encourage and support entrepreneurs as they pursue their entrepreneurial goals. What better place to find a gift for an Entrepreneur, right?! They have so many options to choose from since their whole shop is devoted to supporting entrepreneurs! But, our pick to showcase (and we are in love with it) is CP Designs Unlimited’s Entrepreneur Life Hoodie!

4. Number 4 on our list is giving the gift of Graphic Design. Like photography, graphic design is extremely important to a business. The logo of a business is usually one of the first things someone sees. The entrepreneur on your list would be ecstatic to get a gift card to a graphic designer that can create (or recreate) their business logo or have their website created or updated! And you guessed it....we have some suggestions for who to reach out to!

1 Galan Graphix LLC. Owner Myrna provides client-focused design solutions to clients all over the country. She focuses on creating concepts tailored to each client. Galan Graphix ultimate goal is to produce results, turn client ideas into reality, and build long-term relationships.

2. KISI Kreations Marketing & Design. KISI Kreations is a woman-led local marketing agency that offers website design, SEO, graphic design, and advertising services. They immerse themselves in the field of their clients which allows them to fully optimize the business they are working with through their website, social media, and advertising.

3. Psalm 47 Marketing & Design. Psalm 47 Marketing & Design is here to provide their clients with the essentials when it comes to planning and launching their business, big or small. From logo to website design, they will make sure you are well prepared and taken care of.