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Weekly 2021 Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for Kids!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

As we continue our weekly Gift Guide Series we hope that you have been following along these past few weeks! If not, please don't miss our past Guides: Holiday Gift Guide ~ Clothing & Accessories Ideas!, Holiday Gift Guide ~ Beauty & Wellness Ideas!, and our Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for the Home! This week is focusing on kids! We have so many fun ideas for the kiddos on your list not only toys but some unique and experience-driven gifts as well! And remember if it isn't obvious from our name (Shop a Small Business) we are all about SHOPPING SMALL! So, everything on this list is from Small, Locally-Owned Businesses!

If you want to get to shopping and skip our recommendations (boo!) then you can find most of the businesses listed in Online MarketPlace of Toys & Games, Clothing, Gifts, Houston Area Local Ideas, and Kansas City Local Ideas!

We want to keep our intro short & sweet and get down to business with this awesome Small Business Holiday Gift Idea Guide for Kids!

Weekly 2021 Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for Kids!

1. We are starting this list of strong with Material Jill! Material Jill is soft goods design studio specializing in plush toys & costumes. They even have handmade plush infant car seat covers called Car Seat Cuties!! So cute! We couldn't just pick one thing from Material Jill to showcase so we decided a sibling's gift would be perfect! If you have a baby on your list with a sweet big sis the Car Seat Cuties™ Fairy Cover and the Rainbow Plushie: Backpack clip would be perfect for a cute sister duo!

2. Next on the list is the perfect gift for the new mom on your list! And again we couldn't pick just one thing from Courtney N Scully! Maybe we should have called this list the bundle gift list! Courtney N Scully has swag for children and moms! We absolutely love the missions of this shop: "To all you mom QUEENS who may sometimes feel like you’re failing, your children see you, they love you and your best is enough for them." And we think the "I Want To Be Like Mommy" hard Cover Book for mom and the Star Silicone Stacking Tower for baby would make the best gifts!

3. Ka Ora Bracelets were on our Clothing & Accessories Gift Guide list and we needed to add them to this one too. Mostly because their Tumbling Hearts bracelet is the perfect gift for the preteen in your life! The Tumbling Hearts bracelet meaning is: "Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love you." This is the absolute best message to be giving to your preteen! KA ORA has so many beautiful, heartfelt bracelets to choose from and they are all U.S.-made in New England.

KA ORA ~ Tumbling Hearts Bracelet
KA ORA ~ Tumbling Hearts Bracelet

4. Snips and Snails and is another one that made it on our Clothing & Accessories Gift Guide list! But, we couldn't leave them off our kids idea gift list! Snips and Snails Children’s Boutique is filled with adorable, classic children's clothes. We know that it is winter, but we know that Spring is right around the corner! And this Lynn Bubble- Blooming Jumper would be perfect for any little gift on your list!

5. The next business on our list has a name that is just as fun as their games! HowDowDownSon! HowDowDownSon has "games and toys that make your brain play"! They have interactive card games that spark your creative side and all ages were considered while developing our products. That is why the Crazy Monsters Card Game is our pick for this list! It is perfect for ALL ages ~ so if you have a 3-year-old and 12-year-old in your house they can finally play a game together!! Yay!! And at only $8 it is the perfect stocking stuffer!

6. We have another bundle for the next gift idea on our list! It comes from Brown Eyed Girl Designs by Roxie who you can find on our Clothing & Accessories Gift Guide list also! When browsing through their shop we couldn't help but think that the Friends Forever Mini Puzzle and 'Uliana' Pink Unicorn Plush Toy would make a magical gift for any little girl on your list!

7. So, you have most of your gifts done....or you are giving the kids on your list money or little fidget toys. Have you thought about how you're going to wrap all those things so they don't know what it is right they pick on up the present? We have the answer for you! Disguise The Surprise! Disguise The Surprise is a set of dividers you arrange around your special gift to disguise OR create a super fun multi-item gift box! Awesome, right?! They are also reusable & Made in USA!

Now onto our Local Bonus Ideas! The ideas we have for this list are Local to North Houston, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri, but you can take these ideas and find awesome local businesses near you that offer similar things!

First on our Bonus Local Holiday Gift Ideas:

1. Martial Arts Classes!! What kid wouldn't want to take a martial arts class? Martial Arts encourages kids to be active, teaches them to be peaceful and focused, and boosts their confidence! We have two recommendations on where to go! One is Dojo Fit Club. The Dojo Fit Club is local to Conroe, Texas only and offers Little Ninjas (ages 4 to 6), Beginning Karate all the way up to advanced classes.

Our other recommendation on Martial Arts in the North Houston Area is Premier Martial Arts in Magnolia, Texas! Premier Martial Arts delivers a best-in-class martial arts experience that helps their students develop the personal skills that are necessary to build a successful life. They specialize in teaching children character development through the study of martial arts. Their unique curriculum combines the styles of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing to develop their students to be a well-rounded martial artists. And even though we are keen on the Magnolia, Texas location ~ there are locations all over the US! Check them out today and give the gift of confidence to a kid!

2. Another idea that we had for an out-of-the-box idea for kids is Sewing Classes! If you live in Spring, Texas A Needle and Thread is the perfect place to go! The mother-daughter team of A Needle and Thread can teach your child or teen how to sew and feel confident in being able to create projects that they may see on Pinterest! Check out the fun Classes that they offer and pick one for that kid on your list! Along with an amazing sewing studio, they also have a shop too! You can find a selection of dress-weight fabrics, patterns, and tools to start sewing today!

A Needle and Thread ~ Sewing Class
A Needle and Thread ~ Sewing Class

And the last Bonus Local Gift Idea is a Doll Making Class! Amazing, right?! Amy's A Doll in Kansas City, Missouri offers Doll Making Classes, as well as, doll cleaning and repair and they have a shop full of Vintage/Antique dolls! Their classes will be available in the Spring and they include Rag Doll Making, Found-Object Doll Making, Vinyl Headed Hand Puppet Making, Cloth Doll Making, and Therapy Doll Making. Check them out today!

Amy's A Doll
Amy's A Doll

We hoped this helped get some ideas for the kids on your list! Don't forget to treat yourself while shopping for the kids ~ we have great ideas HERE for you! You deserve it to be spoiled too. And check back with us next week ~ we will be releasing our Holiday Gift Guide ~ Ideas for Men!

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