​Dr. XC Qadir offers professional coaching and consulting services to individuals or corporations that desire growth and sustainable results. 

Mark Kamin & Associates re-engineers the way people lead, manage and coach, resulting in significant improvements in critical measures of performance such as revenues, savings, quality, productivity, and engagement. 

Coach Geo helps Creatives masterpiece their businesses with her ICF Coaching, IT Services, and long time entrepreneurial experience. Invest in your business today! 

All individuals have potential to achieve their aspirations.  With pro-active and thoughtful development planning, and a supportive network, that potential can be realized.

I help entrepreneurs develop an action plan and a strategy to create a brand and grow their business online without all of the overwhelm. 

As a Life Scientist, my work is dedicated to guiding dynamic, motivated women like you to live out your soul’s calling.

Confused by social media & technology? We can help! Teaching the "HOW-TO" of the digital world for your business!

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