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Important Tools for Blog Writing

Writing blogs as a process of expressing your interest or opinion towards something is no longer the main goal.

Nowadays, blogs are important and tools of digital marketing, and it's crucial to understand the concepts behind proper blog writing for bloggers and writers, as well as for small business owners.

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Here, at Shop a Small Business online portal, we are happy to have an open conversation about blog writing and offer you ideas and tools that you can use while building website content for your business.

Keyword Research

Blog writing should start from keyword research. There are multiple ways to become comfortable with keyword research, but always keep in mind a big goal of your website. Choose keywords, keyword phrases that will help your website and elevate your content.

If you do not have a third-party subscription to help you with keyword analysis, check the following tips and tools

Google Keyword Planner is a great start. Whatever works for your business ads, would work for your blogs. As a matter of fact, the same keyword strategy should be used in your business ads on top of the marketing funnel (brand awareness), as well as in your content writing.

Google Trends is a tool that visualizes the relative search popularity of a keyword over time.

Ahrefs Keywords Generator - a free tool that will help you find relevant keywords from Ahrefs database. Just enter up to ten words or phrases and choose from one of six keyword ideas reports.

Moz Keyword Explorer - create a free account and check your keywords by difficulty, popularity, and suggestions. You will have up to 10 keywords you can analyze for free.

Answer the Public is a very fun tool to use. It finds questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical, and related searches. Really useful when you start creating and planning your content around one or two main keywords or keyword phrases. Use the questions or related searches for your blog ideas.

Content creation and SEO Optimization

For content creation there are two main rules:

1. Use keywords and keyword phrases in your text.

2. Don't overuse keywords and keyword phrases. It is called "keyword stuffing", and is not welcomed by Google. Google can actually punish your website for stuffing your content with keywords.

For SEO Optimization - use tools offered by website building systems. For example, Wordpress offers a very useful plug-in, Yoast. It actually gives you instructions on what to fix for a good SEO on every page you have. Wix offers SEO Wiz plugin - a recommendation for SEO corrections for every page.

Regardless of the platform, you are working on following these rules:

  1. Check and write SEO Title and Description (sometimes called snippet).

  2. Add Alt text for every photo you use (if possible).

  3. Include internal and external links in your text.

  4. Follow recommendations on readability and content length.

  5. Include keywords in meta tags, H1 tags.

  6. Try to acquire backlinks by sharing your content.


When you are writing blogs for your small business, keep in mind the big concept and goals your blogs are here to achieve. If you are a content writer, do not ignore the useful content marketing toolkit provided by Shop a Small Business to streamline your work

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