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Google My Business Guide for Practitioners

Google My Business is a powerful tool to drive your business to a new level.

As a public-facing professional (attorney, realtor, tutor person trainer tattoo artist, etc.) working independently, in multiple locations, or as a part of a business, you can grow your personal brand and elevate your personal business thru Google My Business options.

Ask yourself: Are you a Public-Facing professional (doctors, lawyers, dentists, realtors)? Are you maxing out what Google local listings can do for you? Are you a business owner with multiple professionals working under your roof? Have you wondered how to enhance your google search listing? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Practitioner Listings on Google My Business by Sterling Sky Inc owner Joy Hawkins, it covers both sides and practices for individual public-facing professionals and for businesses working with these professionals.

To learn more about how to elevate your Google My Business account, read “New Google My Business Attributes Feature Female-Owned Businesses”.

Visit Shop a Small Business Marketplace if you are looking for Public-Facing Professionals in Health and Wellness, Coaching, Public Relations and Digital Marketing, Insurance, Accounting and other office support needs. Find a local expert who practices individually or as a member of a bigger team and business. Support your local public-facing professionals and female entrepreneurs.

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