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Helpful Online Resources for Female Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

In America and around the world women are entering the world of business in encouragingly high numbers. Although gender inequality is still a reality for many communities, more and more female entrepreneurs and business owners are learning how to successfully navigate the new world of small and medium-sized businesses.

Female Entrepreneurs at a business meeting

There are many groups and supporting organizations that dedicate their time and provide informational resources to provide new and existing small businesses on how to either enter the competitive small business market or grow and expand. Below you will find a selection of helpful open resources to do just that.

With the resources offered by Shop a Small Business community and supporting Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs, you have a unique opportunity to enter a helpful network of female small business owners striving to create an optimal business climate.

Starting Small Business

Taking Care of Your Business Finances

Additional Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

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