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Local Mother's Day Gift Guide

Stuck with Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Day gift ideas? Your local women-owned businesses have some unique options. We at Shop a Small Business highly encourage you to consider to shop local and support women entrepreneurs in your local area this season.

Mother is receiving a gift

Especially since we Teacher Appreciation week has already started and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. With this decision you basically will be able to find unique presents and support local small business. What a great combination!

We prepared a nice list with some ideas and recommendations that women will like and appreciate. For more information and other ideas visit our Online Marketplace and don’t forget to shop local!

We have a nice list of local Accessories shops that sell anything from cosmetics bags to jewelry. You may easily find a gift for under $20 or over $35 depending on your budget.

Check our Accessories and Gifts and Home Décor pages for more ideas.

It is always great to celebrate with a glass of clean-crafted wine, in-home or virtual wine tasting experience or specialty coffee for breakfast. There are some great options for you to consider on our Food and Drink page.

A variety of beauty and health products can be purchased from local brands representatives and shops. And if you are not confident on the line of products – you can always purchase gift cards. Remember – small local businesses depend on the support of their community.

Go to Beauty and Skincare Products and chose the business you can support this holiday season.

And this week focus on you! Not only because it’s close to the Mother’s Day, but also because you deserve it. Lift up your spirit by spending more time outside getting Vitamin D (be sure to use sunscreen!), visit local pools or schedule a service in the Spa – anything that would make you feel relaxed, happy and fulfilled!

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