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How to Make a Home Office More Efficient

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In 2020 more than most people were forced to turn their home into their office. Whether you had space or not you had to make it work! Some of us have been able to venture our way back into our outside office while others have made their home office permanent. Since most of us were thrown into the home office world without much notice our space may not function they way we want it.

Having a functional office space is essential for good productivity, but creating a functional space can be time consuming and most of us don’t know where to begin! Lisa Perry of LP Designs has provided with 4 amazing tips on how to make your home office more efficient! These are easy steps that you can take to create a peaceful and streamlined space that make “going to work” a piece of cake!

1. Start with decluttering

Clutter causes confuse and blocks progress to your vision. Make sure any unnecessary items are discarded and you have a place for everything.

2. Organize

Putting things in their place helps you to focus and stay on task. If you have successfully executed Step 1 you will have room to create a space for everything you currently own. Once you are finished using an item, put that item in it’s place so that your space is clear.

3. Find what inspires you and bring it into the room

Inspiration will help bring out creativity! You are in this space for majority of the day make sure you have items that are not only functional, but bring you joy.

4. Make your space your own

You are unique and your space should reflect that with your colors and style.

Lisa Perry has been enamored with decorating and creating since a very young age. That passion and love for design was cultivated during her 25 years of Honorable service as an Air Force veteran. Traveling the world has allowed her to experience a multitude of cultures and bring that experience of beautiful design into her home as well as others.

Lisa’s mission is to create Interior Design spaces that invite you to come in and heal from the stresses of the world so that you can prepare to live out your purpose in this world. She hopes these 4 steps will help you find that in your home office.

If you are still struggling with your space you can contact Lisa and LP Designs by going to their website.

At LP Design interior decorating is their passion. They are devoted to creating both beautiful and functional spaces, by guiding their clients through an easy and convenient design process. Whether you enjoy surrounding yourself with time-honored traditional design, or modern cutting-edge couture, it’s their ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your taste and your lifestyle. They make sure your home is all that it can be!

Keep checking back with for more tips! And please browse our Marketplace and Shop Local sections where you can find over 170 small businesses to shop and support!

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