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How to Get More PR for my Business?

These PR Tips from women entrepreneurs and Public Relations professionals will help your small business to expand get to the next level.

Are you stuck trying to get your business to the next level? Business owners in all industries face this challenge sooner or later in their business journey. As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to grow, but sometimes it seems like we tried everything: improving customer service, growing online presence, expanding services and product line. Some professionals recommend concentrating on your Marketing and PR.

Our partners at Women's Council of Entrepreneurs shared amazing and helpful tips with you to tackle Marketing and Public Relations for your small local business.

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" What is PR? Carrie Ward of Connexions Public Relations shares with us that “PR is your business story shared through a third-party such as news media, investors, partners, influencers and/or customers.”

Carrie also shared with WCE ways to legitimize your business with these outlets:

  1. Press Release. A press release is “an official statement delivered to members of the news media to provide information, an official statement, or make an announcement.” This how you can present your company’s story to the news media, investors, and even customers.

  2. Awards. Research different awards in your field and submit your application for them. If you are successful and achieve these awards ~ tout your successes! Post about it and spread the word that you are “award-winning” in your field!

  3. Media & Analyst Relations/Contributed Articles. Establish relationships with publications, journalists, blogs, and industry analysts. Write and submit articles to these media outlets. Be seen and be heard as an expert.

  4. Reviews. Always, always post and talk about customer testimonials, product reviews, and online reviews. People take their peer's suggestions seriously."

This can be overwhelming, but Carrie from Connextions PR says to break it into bite-size pieces.

The first step before you send off your press release or contact blogs is to develop your company’s story. Think about how and why you started your business and what sets you apart from all the others. Learn to be an exciting storyteller, use clear and relatable to your target audience context.

Research and review existing marketing content for PR opportunities, identify one to three journalists or influencers that fit your field and industry to contact. Imagine if these people could be natural ambassadors of your brand. Collaborate with journalists, podcasters, and local social media influencers to create mutually valuable content.

Search for an opportunity to apply for rewards in your field of expertise, in your local area, or on online platforms. Do not keep it a secret - share it everywhere you can!

Then finally, ask a customer for a quote or have them write an online review for you. Use email marketing, text marketing, and incentives. Be open with your customers, and always communicate back to your customers even if a review is not so thrilling.

Even the bite-size pieces can be a lot when you're trying to run your business too, so if you’re feeling lost or need guidance with developing your story, writing a press release, or contacting media outlets, check our Online Marketplace for PR and Marketing Professionals and entrepreneurs who specialize in working with local small businesses.

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