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Balance Work and Family: Smart Plan for Family Travel

Updated: May 28, 2021

Summer is approaching fast, and with millions of vaccines rolling daily in the US the prospect of relatively normal and safe summer vacations seems so real. For many women this year felt exhausting, taking too much toll on our health, personal life, and business. But it is time to recharge and look forward to new experiences, or old family traditions.

Whatever is your preference this summer. It does not matter what you decide to choose: an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, an adventurous safari in Kenya, or a road trip to Yellowstone. All of these choices still seem unbelievable to some. So let’s discuss a few rules of thumb that would apply to any travel this summer.

view from airplane

- Vaccine and PCR test

Generally speaking, if the COVID vaccine is available for you – use this opportunity to provide extra protection for yourself and your family. At this point, CDC recommends vaccination for all adults 18+, including breastfeeding and pregnant women. If you still have doubts, please make sure you research and make your decision accordingly. Regardless of your vaccination status, keep in mind that for most international destinations you and all members of your family are required to provide PCR Negative test results to board a plane or in some cases to go through local customs. Some international airport hubs provide opportunities for PCR testing on-site, be diligent and check information before traveling. Unfortunately, the US is not on a list of Covid-safe countries, on the contrary, many countries see US COVID response as insufficient and may require extra proof from US travelers.

- Masks

It is a consensus worldwide that masks are required in airplanes, airports, and most buildings. Also, make sure that you check current rules for the countries you plan to visit. It is disappointing to not have your expectations met, but as a traveler and tourists, we do not make the rules, resort managers don’t make them either. Respect and understanding go a long way.

- Planning

If you travel within the US check the rules and restrictions of the states you plan to visit. Again, it is important to be prepared for on-the-spot changes of the plans and advanced planning. You might have a favorite winery in California or a flower arboretum in Florida that you used to just drop off every time you were in the area. Right now, you might need to sign up online and buy tickets days in advance to be able to visit.

It could be even more complicated for international travel. Some countries still require 2 weeks of quarantine upon arrival, in some countries indoor dining is still not an option, some major museums are still closed or sell a limited number of tickets daily. Meticulous planning this travel season is crucial.

travel documents

- Documents

Well, it might sound quite simple, but a lot of people forget about their passports. Check if you have a passport if it is going to be valid during your trip if you need a visa to visit the country you are going to. If you need a visa – the process might take longer than it used to take in the past. A lot of Embassies and Consulates slowed down their visa issuing capabilities due to the pandemic.

For US travel – check your driver’s license and make sure it is valid. It also takes longer right now to issue a driver’s license.

Whatever is your plan for this summer, the point is to make it pleasant and safe. Let’s enjoy this 2021 summer!

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