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5 Weekly Beauty Routines to Keep Her Face Young.

Updated: May 28, 2021

We all know what we need to do daily to keep facial skin clean. All regular and routine procedures: wash your face with the face wash daily in the morning and before going to bed, use safe mineral-based sunscreen daily regardless of the time of year, gently apply skincare products around your eye area, and do not neglect your neck and décolleté area.

But what about hidden gems, surprise tips that you can perform regularly but 1-3 times a week instead of daily?

Beautiful woman

1. Exfoliate facial skin at least once a week. For gentle but deep exfoliation use gommage peal instead of deep pore exfoliator. Make sure to hydrate your skin after with a hydrating mask to restore your skin. Exfoliation helps to clean pores, get rid of dead skin, and rejuvenate your face. Do not exfoliate gentle and thin skin under your eyes, try to use only specific exfoliators for your lips as well. And be conscious about the skin on your neck and décolleté. It occasionally needs to be exfoliated as well, but do not use any extra pressure. For exfoliation techniques and step-by-step processes, and variety of products check one of the Beauty & Skincare Products online shops.

2. Change your bedsheets and pillowcases at least once or twice per week. Why? Depending on how you sleep – on your back, stomach, side – your face makes contact with the pillowcase constantly. It absorbs dead skin from your face and head as well. So just keep it clean, change it often.

3. Practice facial massage. Even though it is advised to practice facial massage daily while you moisturize your skin, it is recommended to do a longer facial massage session on your skin at least once a week. Learn some self-massage techniques, use gua-sha, silicone cups (follow instructions to avoid bruises), or fingertips. And once again – do not neglect neck and décolleté areas. Regular massage might play one of the most significant roles in keeping your neck and décolleté skin young. For more details check these professional facial massage tips.

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4. Exercise regularly. Why do you need to do it to keep your skin healthy? Well, it increases your blood circulation, accelerates your skin cleansing process all over the body including your face. Make sure that you use toner and moisturizer after exercising, but skip the full-blown skincare routine. Let your skin breathe and add a natural glow. Need help with motivation to start your wellness journey - find the help you deserve on our Health and Wellness page.

5. Schedule your facials to boost your skin glow. If you feel like after stressful project nothing helps your skin – make sure you commit to a facial plan. The best option would be a combination of different facials to attack multiple issues. And avoid facial waxing if possible – ask your esthetician to use tweezers instead.

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