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Tips to Navigate The Sellers’ Market

If you live in Texas, you might have noticed that real estate market as well as car market has been what people call “crazy”. And if you are shopping for a storage place for your small business, or a larger car for your entrepreneurship needs, today you’ll need a bit of advice on how to successfully navigate the sellers’ market.

Auto Dealership

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to choose an ideal car for your needs that ultimately represents quality at a reasonable price. It is merely an example of how to look for the best available deal in the current market situation.

If you are not affluent beyond imagination, look at the bottom of the market first and then build up until you reach your threshold of constraints.

  • Look into the U.S. News page listing ALL current nationwide incentives on all brands. Perhaps what you seek is included. It is now time to barrage the local dealers with demands for additional incentives.

  • Visit KBB or U.S. News pages that list upcoming vehicle releases. New ones will be expensive, yes, but the older out-going models may get a price decrease due to human subjectivity.

  • Check which cars tend to depreciate the most? Some drop-down in price by as much as 70% over a 5 year period! There is no shortage of youtube videos and online articles on the subject. What's peculiar is that a lot of these vehicles are made by very respectable manufacturers.

  • Some excellent cars, especially sedans are being discontinued in the USA as the market shifts towards SUVs, CUVs, MPVs, all kinds of Vs! These vehicles may be sold at a discount.

  • Check out dealers in places that have seasonal in-flow of people. Florida is a good example. Sometimes even with freight cost, the vehicle price competes with Texas prices.

  • Speaking of the people movement, the dealerships compete with other businesses for your dollar during major holidays. The discounts tend to be more pronounced during these times, perhaps you need only to wait until the next holiday.

  • The shortage of semiconductors is real and sellers want to make up for a low-profit 2020, be realistic about your expectations. Patience and skepticism are your friends. I would also consider brushing up on your negotiations skills. For your strategy, forget the "Getting to Yes", go with "Never Split the Difference".

We hope this example of successful navigation in today’s market will help you to find your perfect deal for your next commercial real estate or commercial vehicle.

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